Welcome To CAHS2

It is scandalous that the government can’t see that HS2 is not going to solve the North/South divide and that it is based on an unfounded business case.What is more shocking is that the government sees no injustice in offering compensation schemes that pay little regard to the needs of those affected by the blight of HS2, while we see our property values reduced, or even extinguished.We at CAHS2 are blighted and in the same position as many thousands of others, so we have formed CAHS2 to allow all property owners blighted by HS2 to join together in a protected manner and act with one voice.

Property Righted Not Blighted

It shouldn’t matter whether you are 60 metres from the track or 2 miles from it (but not according to this government), if the value of your house has reduced as a result of HS2, then we believe that you should be entitled to compensation.By working together we can effectively challenge and prosecute HS2 Ltd and the Secretary of State for damages based on the loss of value of our properties, no matter where they lie on the line.

Register Your Property Details*

Please click on the link below and enter your details, we are gathering details of properties affected, how close they are to the line and the fall in property values since the announcement of the proposed routes.We must not let the government and HS2 Ltd treat us with contempt anymore! 

*No personal information will be passed to any third party and all information is for information purposes only